CSN2 Unit 1 Exercise 1 IP Addressing Scenario

Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Unit 1 Exercise 1 IP Addressing Scenario
The scenario is I am an IT Administrator for a newly founded company and have been tasked with designing am IP addressing scheme and a plan for allocation and management of IP addresses. The company will currently have a single, physical location with approximately 145 hosts (computers, printers, etc.). IT plans should accommodate 50% growth in the next 2 years. A simple design you can consider is 1 floor with a single data closet serving 150 users. You need a core network, networks for your firewall, DMZ, remote VPN clients, switch MGMT network, server network, voice network, wireless network and networks for other services you have not yet identified, like security, cameras, fire, door and video. You should have multiple domain servers and DHCP servers. While you can get away with using high end switches for DHCP, a couple windows servers will do the trick and give more insight when you are troubleshooting. Most systems can get along with DHCP, so that is fine, (some older systems still need host files) but there are support benefits to statically assigned addresses. In any case, you will want reserved space in these networks for your network devices, in exception to VLANs, redundant or clustered systems. For design, you could use the address space using /21 ( - and for your subnet masking on the devices will naturally be 255.255.255. Reserve the first and last 20 or so addresses in each DHCP scope for statically assigned addresses and network devices / gateway addresses. Some examples would be, for servers-all static, for pc's printers usable for DHCP -, for wireless usable for DHCP, for VoIP usable for DHCP - and - for future use. While you can cut back each network to a /25 giving 126 hosts per network, you may find yourself changing this sooner than...
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