CS Lewis Biography

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C.S. Lewis
Born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland, C.S. “Jack” Lewis was the second child to Albert Lewis and Florence Augusta Hamilton- both who are said to have had “first rate minds” (C.S. Lewis: A Profile of His Life) and who passed their love for books and reading down to their children, along with their extensive library. Because of this, Lewis adapted an incredible writing skill, as well. However, after his tenth birthday in 1908, Lewis’ world was turned upside down by the death of his mother. This is especially important because, as Dorsett says in his biography, “The death of Mrs. Lewis convinced young Jack that the God he encountered in church and in the Bible his mother gave him was, if not cruel, at least a vague abstraction.” (C.S. Lewis: A Profile of His Life). About four years later, he pronounced himself an atheist. Two years following that he met W.T. Kirkpatrick, the man who taught and influenced Lewis to fall in love with classic literature from all around the world as well as criticize, analyze, and understand in it its original language. It is said of Kirkpatrick that he taught Lewis how to “think, speak, and write logically.” (C.S. Lewis: A Profile of His Life).

In his lifetime, Lewis has been recognized by numerous schools and universities. However, he only attended a small number of them. Starting in 1908, he was sent to Wynyard with his brother Warren. After being there for two years, Lewis switched to Campbell College in 1910 for a short 2 months until he was withdrawn due to respiratory issues. It is around this time that his depression due to the loss of his mother and the loss of his relationship with his father sets in hard. 1911 is the year that marks his enrollment at Cherbourg House, right outside of Malvern, England. The 3 years he spent here is the time in which he becomes an atheist, and from 1913 to 1914 he attends the actual Malvern College. Starting on September 19, 1914, Lewis begins his almost 3 year private...
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