Cry of the Beloved Narrative Essay

Topics: South Africa, 2003 Cricket World Cup, Johannesburg Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Ryan Martin
Dr. Council
English IV Honors, A1, Essay
Theophilus Msimangu
I found Cry of the Beloved Country’s character, Theophilus Msimangu, to be my favorite of all that are presented by Alan Paton. Theophilus’ role as a bridge which connects Stephen Kumalo to the struggling city of Johannesburg from his dissimilar remote village truly interests me from a rhetorical standpoint. Msimangu is undoubtedly necessary to the building and unfolding of the story as he guides Kumalo through the streets of Johannesburg leading him from place to place. If not present, I would argue that it would be exceedingly difficult for Stephen Kumalo to find his way to his son, Absalom, let alone his sister, Gertrude, rendering the story’s continuance possibly impossible.

I can envision myself in a similar situation to that of Theophilus Msimangu’s and in that way, relate to his character. Currently, I am not assisting anyone with what problems they may have, but if given the opportunity, like Msimangu, I believe I could offer sufficient wisdom and knowledge to whoever is need. Acting as an employed aid, I would see less of a difference between myself and Theophilus.

While Theophilus Msimangu was a great resource for the presentation of South Africa’s social situations, his insights to the resolving of the country’s issues, to me, did not offer a proper means of coping. I understand his religious position, but I do not believe that Biblical doctrine well-applies to the problem-solving of South African struggle, at least, for the majority of those under it’s effect who do not share a similar belief nor mentality. Perhaps Msimangu’s devout way of thinking suffices for himself and even in that way: I can relate to him. I like to think that I think differently than everyone else and that works for me because I am able to function and be successful in society despite approaching situations with a different mindset.
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