Cruise to The Bahamas

Topics: Tourism, Cruise ship, Nassau, Bahamas Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Cruise to The Bahamas

During my junior year in high school me, my mom and some of her friends went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was a three day cruise leaving Miami going to Nassau, Bahamas which is their capital. It was a Thursday night in May 2008 and we had a flight to catch to Miami. Even though the boat didn’t leave till the next day in the afternoon, it was best to get there early in case you missed your flight because most cruises aren’t refundable. We ending up flying to Fort Lauderdale airport which was not that far from our hotel which was in Miami. When we touched down in Florida it was beautiful. I’ve been to Florida before but it was when I was young so I didn’t remember anything. It was night time and the palm trees was so pretty and the weather was perfect, especially since I was coming from Michigan. We ended up staying at the hotel which was not to far from the carnival porting dock.

When I woke up that friday I was super excited because I knew that I was leaving the country and going to Paradise. We did some shopping in the morning but we had to be on the cruise by four p.m. When the cab pulled up to the boat my jaw dropped. It was a carnival cruise ship that I thought was the size of the titanic. We boarded the ship and went to our room to relax. The ship had more than thirteen floors and multiple decks and pools. The first day I got lost each time I had to go back to my room because the ship was that big. First they had a life jacket drill which just explained what to do if something was too ever happen to the ship. After that that’s when the deck party began. They had karaoke, dancing and just little meet & greet activates. Next thing you knew it was time for bed and then the next morning is when I woke up in the Bahamas. I thought I was dreaming because it looked like a scene from a movie or a picture from a calendar.

We ate breakfast then finally stepped foot on the actual Bahamas land. The weather was perfect. Next thing you...
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