Crown Cork and Seal in 1989

Topics: Marketing, Technology, Strategy Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: December 7, 2011
1.What are the key strategic issues that Avery (the incoming CEO) needs to consider? What strategic options are open to him?

A.Since this is the time to show Avery’s worth he must consider renewed marketing strategies to remain competitive in the business circle. Strategies such as expansion and innovation can be greatly considered. Adapting to manufacturer’s ideas using distinctive designs, shapes and materials through innovation can bring effective symbolism to the product and offers a more active marketing strategy. For one, Continental Can offers a great opportunity to Crown and their merging would mean larger market distribution of their products. Once the line is in broader international market, this is where innovation is needed. Packaging is always synonymous with the use of technology and innovation. Crown has already manifested its product years ago and has proved their marketability. But trying another endeavor would not hurt the company but instead could offer broader and greater opportunities.  2.What is the appropriate industry to analyze in which Crown competes?

A.What is in line with Crown’s business does not solely focus on metal container packaging on colas and other beverages but the whole packaging industry as well. All kinds of food, perishable products, chemicals, detergents and other home and industrial products now come with different containers, designs and materials. Packagers are always on the run to hook many manufacturers as many as they can because manufacturers have the option to choose the best and most reliable packagers, which could offer something new for their products.  3.How attractive has the metal container industry been over the years? (NOTE: Carry out a straightforward ‘five forces’ structural analysis of the industry.)

A.In the case of aluminum can containers they are still the most popular and preferred containers for beverages because they can be recycled easily, redesigned, put attractive logos and...
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