Critique of “Stories from the Homefront: Perspectives of Asian

Topics: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, LGBT Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: November 19, 2011
September 28’11
Chicago State University
African American Studies (AFAM):
Cultural Diversity Course 1020.01
To: Professor Kim Dulaney
From: LauWanzer Quince
In re: Essay Report II: Critique of “Stories from the Homefront: Perspectives of Asian American Parents with Lesbian Daughters and Gay Sons”

I chose to write about this topic related to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) because since I was 15 years old I have been able to relate and I have had many friends who are of Asian (Oriental) extract. Also, I have also had a roommate who was from Bankcock Thailand. This critique will cover an article written by Alice Y. HOM titled, “Stories from the Homefront: Perspectives of Asian American Parents with Lesbian Daughters and Gay Sons”, that was published in the Amerasia Journal. Vol. 20 no. 1: 19 to 32. In the article the author covers mutually exclusive stores about the “emotions, feeling and attitudes” of Oriental Asian parents from the “homefront”, as the author Ms. HOM coins it, who have sons and daughters who are described as gay or lesbian. Most of the stories describe people who mostly live on the swinging West coast in California where the largest populations of Asian Americans live including the state of Hawaii which has the largest concentration and populations of Asian Americans in the U.S. Upon either disclosure of the gender identification of the children of Asian parents or the happenstance discovery that their child may be possibly LGBT, many Asian parents just like most human being who have reared and raised their own children initially react out of parental gut instinct of shame do tend to blame their selfs for the same-sexual gender preferences of their children. Apparently this is a subliminal psychological and defensive response to not wanting to accept that their children having anything wrong with them in accordance with established society norms of acceptable and standard sexual behavior...
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