Topics: Scientific method, Research, Null hypothesis Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: February 4, 2014

“Determinant Factors Affecting the State of Maintenance of Equipment and Machineries in the Eight Engineering Districts of the DPWH-NCR” by Engr. Tiburcio L. Magtoto

A critique submitted in partial fulfilment
of the requirements for the degree of
Master in Business Administration


Marvellie E. Amba

Lyceum of the Philippines University

January 2014

Submitted to:
Professor Carl Mark Miniano
Strategic Management

This critique paper was made neither to degrade the work of the author nor to attack the research paper. This critique paper was made to increase the quality of the thesis by showing areas that need clarification or depth and as a requirement for the course in Strategic Management. The author should have used the full meaning and not the abbreviated form of Department of Public Works and Highways – National Capital Region (DPWH-NCR) on the title of the research paper as this might cause confusion especially to readers that do not know what it stands for.

Chapter 1Review of Problem Statement and Purposes
The purpose of the study is to examine the Determinant Factors that Affect the State of Maintenance of Equipment and Machineries in the Eight Engineering Districts of the DPWH-NCR and the objective of the study mainly aimed to examine the determinant factors that influence the management of the eight engineering districts of the DPWH-NCR. The author is correct that by determining the factors that influences management will eventually lead in answering what are the factors that affect the maintenance since both will be dealing with people. Although, those statements will arise to another set of problems that the study needed to answer and it can be clearly seen that the author’s focus was divided. There were two hypotheses stated in the study. The first one is null and the other is alternative hypothesis. Research question were also given as guide to...
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