Critical Review of “Theology: the Basics”

Topics: Christianity, God, Christology Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Critical Review: Theology; The Basics

By: Luke Knoll

Survey Of Christian Beliefs
Kerry Pretty

Pacific Life Bible College

Theology: The Basics; Critical Review
As Christians we often believe certain things simply because it’s what our parents and the people around us believe. We often go about our Christian walk without ever giving thought or reason to why we believe what we do. The world of Christian Theology is a place where Christians can find answer to the ‘what and why’ of Christianity. If we are able to begin comprehending Christian Theology and the rudimental knowledge of it, then we can take it with us into more in depth books and discussions about theology, know the importance of it and how vital it is for Christians to actually know what and why they believe specific things

The goal of the book Theology: The Basics is to introduce basic foundational terms of Christian Theology to those who have never studied theology before. It explains how we get doctrine and theology from the Apostle’s Creed and the technicalities found in it. The book attempts to have an unbiased approach at the ideas and theology brought up in the contents.

The book can be easily summarized by looking at the flow of the chapters in the table of contents. Starting off with the basics, “What is faith?” (pg. 1) then moving into discussion on God, Creation, Jesus, Salvation, Spirit, Trinity, Church, Sacraments and finishing off with Heaven. This book thoughtfully moves and flows through some of the most thought about of topics. With each chapter the reader can dive into the meaning of these terms and if there are big intimidating words in front of their eyes they are able to refer to the glossary conveniently added in the back of the book.

The tactics that McGrath uses in his book are very practical. McGrath takes a specific topic and meticulously teaches on it using both a historical and educational stand point. McGrath uses the history of the time period that the...
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