Criminal Justice Integration Project

Topics: Prison, Security, Penology Pages: 8 (2731 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Criminal Justice Integration Project
University of Phoenix
Javon Lewis, Prysanthum Armstrong, Brigit Williams, and Deon Hagerty AJS/502
Harry Kirk, Instructor
November 12, 2012

Criminal Justice Integration Project
There are many prison facilities that are ran privately today. These facilities are known to better rehabilitate those convicted upon entering society again. Team B has developed a private prison to house those individuals who are convicted of committing crimes. Team B has also implemented different programs within the facility in hopes to deter the convicted of being repeat offenders. Unlike other privatized facilities, our major focus is not to lock up as many people as possible. We will actually focus on making them better individuals so that they can reenter the world without having criminal thoughts. The remainder of this paper will include the policies for our facility. This paper also discus the budgets, projected revenue sources and expenditures, communications, and technology. In addition, it will elaborate on cultural or sub-cultural aspects of the organization as a whole. Policies and Procedures

In order to properly run the private facility, we will have a set of policies to abide by. Without rules and regulations, any organization can and will be chaotic. There will be a zero tolerance for harassment, whether it is towards correction officers or the prisoners. Harassment can lead to law suits and will in turn cost the facility unnecessary money that could have been used for something else. Some forms of harassment can include sexual and discrimination. It is considered unlawful to harass an individual because of their gender. Sexual harassment can include unwanted sexual behaviors, sexual favors, and other verbal sexual content. Harassment does not always have to include sexual intent. It can contain remarks about a person’s gender. This is where discrimination comes into play. If any employee practices harassment in the workplace, they will be reported and possibly terminated depending on the circumstance. We will also follow a code of ethics. The code of ethics will help the company to remain fair in any given situation that may arise. Budget

Our budget will consist of grants, donations, and tax payer dollars. We will apply for state funding yearly and follow all necessary steps in order to receive that funding. According to the state, we will need a certain amount of prisoners in order to receive the amount of grants that we need. Other funding will come from donations. We will hold monthly meetings where the public can share their ideas and views for our facility. At the meetings, we will collect donations to help support our facility and the different programs that we will offer. Last but not least, funding will come from tax payer dollars. This portion of funding will assist the organization out a great deal. Tax payers may be upset about their money going towards a facility but it will help them out as well. They are helping to keep criminals off of the streets. Over the years, we will come up with other ways to generate funding for our facility. Communications

Communication is a very important aspect of any venue. In this Criminal Justice Integration Project our communication with inmate to inmate, inmate to guard, guard to guard, and so on. These communication techniques are how we stay accessible to the world. We share information with the family of the prisoners, by using the telephone. If their loved one is in our facility and they have a major issues such as they are gravely ill or in need of a major surgery, we contact them by telephone. The prisoners are entered into a database once they enter into our facility. The database will be on a website on the internet and will be searchable by name, date of birth, or prison number. This database will be available for anyone who has access to the internet as well as to the government site we...

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