Criminal Investigations

Topics: Isla Vista, California, Santa Barbara, California, University of California, Santa Barbara Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: April 3, 2013
David McGuire
AJ 111

Criminal Investigations

In criminal investigations there are many aspects throughout the field that are very interesting. Some aspects are crime scene investigation, getting witnesses, taking and handling of evidence, investigative sources, legal aspects, interview and interrogating and case management. My favorite aspect of criminal investigating is taking and handing of the evidence and interviewing and interrogating. Today new and improved tools and techniques in the criminal investigation process make it very interesting. Brain Fingerprinting, the fingerprinting of bullets, touch DNA, Sperm free DNA testing and spherical photography are some of these new techniques.  The most significant tool is the Brain Fingerprinting it’s a new computer program that measures brain wave responses to crime related words or photos presented on a screen. Brain Fingerprinting has proven 100% correct. The Laser Scaling Device is also very unique tool because it allows investigators to view pictures in a way that was unimaginable before. The Spherical photography camera gives investigators the ability to view the crime scene in like a 3-d view just like it was when it happened. Many of these tools are already in use in different parts of the U.S and throughout the world. They are not all new but most of them are much more improved then some already in use. One of the most local interesting cases that I found was the case of David Attias, “The Angel of Death”. I found this person to be a sick individual. This was the case where UCSB student David Attias plowed his car into a crowd in Isla Vista. A Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge has ordered the release from a state hospital of a former UC Santa Barbara student who killed four pedestrians and severely injured a fifth when he plowed his car into an Isla Vista crowd in 2001.Three months after David Attias asked to be freed from Patton State Hospital, Judge Thomas...
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