Criminal Justice

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Appendix A

Prisoners Worksheet

Complete the worksheet by writing short responses to the questions in each row.

How would you differentiate male and female prisoner backgrounds? Is there a better solution to prisoner background classification? Explain.

When the social roles of men and women prisoners are compared, the convict roles found in the men’s prisons did not have an equivalent found in the women’s prisons. Rather than the cohesive subculture found in the men’s prisons, the women’s prisons have small, intimate family type groups that are centered around homosexual relationships that tended to their affectionless starvation. Women tend to break down over stress more than men do, which drives them to hurt themselves and make suicide attempts. Women also tend to group up as social. I don’t believe that there is a better solution to prisoner background classification. Their backgrounds are already thoroughly checked for violent tendencies, gang affiliations, etc. in order to separate them accordingly into various prisons and units. How do state and federal prisoners differ? What issues affect state versus federal prisoners? State prisoners typically haven’t committed a federal offense such as murder, whereas federal prisoners tend to be the most dangerous to society. Consisting of murderers and high profile drug dealers. There are issues of overcrowding, lack of funding for various programs, and prison violence. However, federal prisoners tend to receive better treatment than state prisoners since they typically have longer sentences. What is the difference between jail inmates and prison inmates? What would happen if jail inmates were assimilated into prison systems effective immediately? The difference between jail inmates and prison inmates is the crimes that were committed and the amount of time their sentences consist of. Jail inmates typically have shorter sentences, whereas prison inmates tend to have sentences...
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