crime scene investigation

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Dudley Moore, 32, was a patient in the St. Mary’s hospital. Moore was assaulted in his room, 412. On arrival, he was pronounced alive and removed by paramedics to the ER. Whitney Colclasure accompanied the victim, but was unable to receive a statement. The whole scene was photographed. The victim was the primary evidence; A. Dudley was wearing a hospital gown lying on the hardwood floor, his head in the southwest corner and his feet facing northeast. He was lying with his mouth open and his eyes closed. Fresh blood was visible due to the lacerations on his right hand and a deep apparent knife wound to his upper left thigh. His hand wound possibly resulted in self-defense. His left arm was on the floor palm facing upward. Moore was lying with his head 8 feet 5 inches west of the wall and 10 feet south. His legs were northeast. Megan Williams and Kyle Slone measured the room dimensions. The distance from the east to the west wall was 29 feet and from the north and south 24.9 feet. The south and east walls were completely covered in hard protective glass. The opening of the door was measured to be 5 feet. Raul Jimenez and Jessica Munoz measured and gathered information on the two 4 feet Phillip’s fluorescent light bulbs that were positioned further down from his feet lying diagonally. Light bulb B was 12 feet 7 inches south from the wall, 12 feet 3 inches east, facing northeast. Light bulb C was 3 feet 5 inches north from the wall, 13 feet 7 inches west. Myself measured and inventoried the mirror that was left on the dresser against the west wall, and the knife that was found to the right of Moore. The mirror was 12 feet 1 inch south of the north wall and 2 feet 3 inches east of the west wall. The dimensions of the mirror were 2 feet by 2 feet. The knife was measured to be 12 feet 3 inches north of the south wall and 12 feet 4 inches east of the west wall. The evidence was taken and secured for prints.
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