Forensics Lab

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EC12/19, 2010
ForensicsPeriod 5

Lab: Make your own Dental Impression
I. Objective: The objective of the lab “Look and Record” was to identify the castings of your own teeth. The lab was also used to see how important forensic odontoloogy really is. What can a forensic odonotologist see in a dental impression cast that can help identify an individual?

II. Background: Forensic odontology is important in all cases. Impressions can determine many things in a case. You can also find out many things about the suspect by researching their dental records. Teeth can determine the race, age, and sex of a suspect.

Impressions can show many things including teeth spacing, dental work, and cavaties. Previous dental work can play a major role in a crime scene. Missing teeth can also play a big role, telling whether the suspect was in a fight that might have led to a death, or just a bad tooth.

III. Materials:
* Styromfoam
* Transparency sheets
* Markers
* Tissues

IV. Procedure: “ See lab Handout”

V. Data: “ See attached paper”

VI. Conclusion/ Questions:

1) There are many things that can make a dental pattern unique, but reality is everyones teeth markings are different. After biting into the Styrofoam cup you could identify whos impression was who’s by looking at the width and length or the marking, also the deepness. 2) Dental impressions provide clues to someones age by going back through dental records, and really observing the teethe to find any imprssions or otherwise. 3) Obtaining dental records can help in the identification of an unknown body by the name of the suspect, and many more information would be along with thos records. 4) The part of the tooth that contains dna is the
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