Crime in Urban America

Topics: Crime, Gang, Criminology Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Crime in Urban America has been around for many years, it is atrocious and there are many reasons why people commit these crimes. Crime is a big issue all around the world and while there is more production of drugs and loss of jobs, the crime rate will continue to increase day by day. While there are many motives that contribute to crime the most obvious causes would be poverty which causes the poor to adapt into a violent and aggressive behavior to which later becomes ingrained into them. The environment where a person grows up in which could consist of gangs that participate in illegal activities. Abuse of drugs or alcohol attribute to crime because people commit abominable crimes while under the influence. The anger that an individual has within themselves leads to crimes because one may feel the need to have revenge on something or someone that has caused a problem within their life. This places society in great danger. Poverty is a reason that many people in the world turn to crime. There are many people in the world today who are left unemployed. When someone is unemployed there is no way for them to make any money otherwise leaving them to not have the things in life that they want or need. “Criminal behavior is associated strongly with income deprivation; thus the geographic concentration of poverty will cause a concentration of criminal violence in poor neighborhoods” (Roleff 30). There may not be good jobs around or available to them, in this case one will sell drugs because they thing that it is a good way to earn cash. Death also causes someone to commit crime because they might lose someone who is very special to them or who is the primary breadwinner of their family and leaves them to have no income coming into the home. Homelessness also leads to crime because it can leave someone upset about what their social standings are in a society. “Homeless persons are pushed away from their families and damaged by their experiences, many have deep-rooted...
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