Creons Fateful Flaw

Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Antigone Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: November 12, 2013
A young woman who is strong, fearless and has self-confidence loses her parents as a result of fate and is now being raised by an uncle who aims to uphold the laws of men rather than fear divine intervention from the gods. In championing the laws of the gods above the laws of the state, she breaks the law and risks her life to honor her family. This young woman is Antigone. The citizens of Thebes agree with Antigone that she made the right decision except for one person, her uncle, Creon. In Sophocles’ famous play Antigone, Creon, the king of Thebes, suffers from greater hubris than Antigone because he is selfish, stubborn and domineering. One of the reasons why Creon suffers from excessive pride is because he is selfish. An example that shows that he is egoistic or selfish is that Creon does not care about how his son’s life would turn out to be after Antigone’s death. Before Antigone is taken away Ismene says to Creon “But your own son’s bride!” (Sophocles 786) Creon replies “There are places enough for him to push his plow. I want no wicked woman for my sons!” (Sophocles 786) Creon does not even think about his own son’s life for even a second. All he cares about are his laws of government. Another example that shows Creon’s selfishness is that he only cares about his popularity amongst the citizens of Thebes instead of his niece. When Antigone is being taken away to the vault, Creon says to the servants “You know your orders: take her to the vault And leave her alone there. And if she lives or dies, That’s her affair, not ours: our hands are clean” (Sophocles 797). Creon expresses selfishness in his disregard for the suffering of his family. So, Creon suffers from desirable pride because he is selfish, which is shown through his actions on Polyneices and Antigone. Another reason why Creon suffers from immoderate pride is because of his stubbornness. An example that shows this trait is when Haimon, who is Antigone’s fiancé, is telling Creon...
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