Creative Strategy and Theme

Topics: Steak, Strip steak, Restaurant Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Understanding Your Brand’s Components: Creative Strategy and Theme

1.Using the techniques you have developed thus far in the course, research your company and collect information to address these topics: Explain the emotional and functional relationships your company’s products have with its target consumer base. You’ll have seen creative themes being implemented for this brand over time. Which of those themes do you think were effective? How did they effectively reach you, or not? As a restaurant, Santa Fe reaches out to consumers of all ages, race, sex, cultures, etc. The front of the menu states, “The Best Steaks, Coldest Beer, Biggest Fan in Town.” Now, to find out whether that is true, one would need to experience a Santa Fe dining extravaganza. “The food is presented in a casual, nostalgic family oriented atmosphere reminiscent of the old west. Each store has a signature “Big Ass Ceiling Fan” (yes that is the actual name of the company) that is used to cool cattle in feed lots. The fan encompasses the entire dining room and is quite the local attraction, especially, for young children. The atmosphere is unpretentious, lively and very comfortable. Complimentary peanuts roam the tables and floors. Santa Fe Cattle Co. is designed to appeal to a broad range of customers including business people, couples, singles, and, especially, families. To appeal to families, the restaurants offer a special, kids menu with coloring kit and a 32-ounce steak club for the young and hungry at heart (” I think that Santa Fe is doing well with their implemented themes but I do feel that the company could do more advertising to get their name out! Explain the 4Ps of one of your company’s products. Locate the product yourself and describe the 4Ps. Product:

Santa Fe Cattle Co. offers a moderately priced lunch and dinner menu with our specialty being steaks, ribs and fajitas cooked over an open, mesquite grill. The featured item is steak and there...
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