Creative Brief

Topics: Cosmetics, Mind, Target market Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: November 7, 2006
The Product: 3 in 1 Express Makeup Stick

1. Who is the target audience:
The target is young professional women (25-40), all ethnicities and backgrounds. Women in this target market often lead hectic lives, juggling many different responsibilities and tasks on a daily basis. They maintain professional careers, are active in the community and may/may not have a family. As everyday makeup users, they are more knowledgeable about the products. Not only do they know how the products can improve physical appearance, but are aware about potential health effects.

2. Where are we in the mind of the consumer?
Currently Maybelline makeup is perceived in the mind of the consumer as a cheap alternative makeup. It is characterized as inexpensive, tacky, lacking in durability, easily accessible, fun, and is targeted to a younger market (18-24).

3. Where is our competition in the mind of the consumer?
Maybelline's competitors exist on two levels: 1) direct competitors (cosmetics retailed in similar stores, CVS and Target), and 2) indirect competitors (cosmetics retailed in department stores). Although direct competitors, such as Revlon and Cover Girl, are comparably priced, they are perceived as higher quality products and appear to offer "more bang for the buck." Indirect competitors (Clinique and Estee Lauder) offer higher quality products with better packaging, are more expensive, and are sophisticated and definitively illustrate the benefits they have for maintaining healthy skin (oil free and SPF).

4. Where would we like to be in the mind of the consumer?
A quality product that is convenient and easy to apply in place of a foundation, concealer and powder. The product should easily adapt to the consumer's lifestyle while protecting and maintaining the skin [by being oil free and containing SPF]. In addition, the Maybelline brand should convey the ability to maintain...
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