Creating a Methodolgy

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Creating a MethodologyProfessor George Dollar
Project Management
January 19, 2014
When creating a project methodology, a company has to know that the key matters in its establishment are you need to make sure that your personal, clear objectives, tools, and organizational structure is in place before moving forward. This company seems to lack all of these elements. In examining the corporate culture of this company it was clear that the executive staffs was either incompetent or blatantly choose to sabotage the company’s ability to grow the project management methodology. It was clear that the expectation was for the company to get better in the area of project management methodology, but clearly there was a misunderstanding as to that direction and application. Now this could’ve been because of the people in management positions not wanting to lose some of their authority or power, but like the study suggest losing power is better than losing your job all together. Obviously that’s what would happen if the company remains non-competitive in the marketplace and continue to lose money. “Many times, companies rush into the development or purchasing of a methodology without any understanding of the need for one other than the fact that their competitors have a methodology” (Kerzner). Some of the reasons why I feel that the company waited so long to develop a project management methodology (EPM) is because for one the president of the company wasn’t assertive enough in his demands. He left the creation and development of such a methodology to the people who didn’t necessarily have the correct buy in for the situation. Also he let the executive team have too much leeway in the situation, and assuming that they will figure it out. As a leader of any organization you have to illustrate expectations and delegate responsibility to get it done. “Never assume anything will just get done. As a leader you have to ensure plans are executed” (Mathias). On the subject of...

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