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How have the perceptions of belonging or not belonging varied within and across the texts you have studied?

The conceptions of belonging vary widely for both individuals and groups. The connections people make and the relationship one holds can be significantly affected by moments in time. These perceptions of belonging in its various forms are explored within the texts 'Rainbow's End' by Jane Harrison and Kate Jennings' poem, 'Couples'. Both texts illustrate how different perspectives impact on belonging.

In Jane Harrison's play, she represents the isolated world of the aboriginal society. Significantly, this constricted society is represented by settings and the development of one-dimensional characters. The flats and the humpy are symbolic of how individuals can belong to their own familial culture, however it can alter their attitudes and perceptions, which conspicuously oppose belonging to the wider white society. This is particularly well illustrated in the text through the life experiences of Nan’s. Her time living in the humpy has created a negative perception of white society and its values. “least here we do things our way no one breathin’ down our necks” (pg.128). Nan uses a metaphor within her dialogue to show that their lives are continually watched and controlled by the white society, hence placing a barrier for the aboriginals to assimilate into the loathed white society.

“But hessian! Like a band aid over a sore” the simile presents a negative attitude that white society’s perceptions of the aboriginal settlement feel that it is an eyesore- an embarrassment that needs to be covered. This accordingly alters the different sense of belonging where aboriginal community does not feel as though they are a part of their own country and the feeling of isolation and segregation is strengthened for the aboriginals, “hessian... stop them seeing our humpies”.

In addition, Rainbow's End emphasizes the importance of belonging to both the wider world...
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