Crack Addiction: the Affected Life Dicky Eklund

Topics: Boxing, Drug addiction, Addiction / Pages: 2 (334 words) / Published: Apr 7th, 2011
“The Fighter”
Crack Addiction: The Affected Life Dicky Eklund Richard “Dicky” Eklund is a former Welterweight Champion professional boxer who’s career and lifestyle was unfortunately greatly affected by the consequences of crack-cocaine addiction. Known as “The Pride of Lowell”, Eklund is also the half-brother of former WBU World Champion Micky Ward. Facing troubles on the street and problems with his home life, Dicky confronts his demons with crack addiction as a result of an HBO documentary dedicated to his poor decisions and substance abuse. Against his family’s advice with only his good intentions in mind, Dicky wastes most of his days and nights in a squalid crackhouse, only furthering his physical and mental downfall. Amidst his dependency, Dicky Eklund takes younger brother Micky Ward under his wing in hopes of training him to become a boxing sensation. Despite Ward’s trust and faith in his brother, Dicky often arrives hours late to their scheduled training sessions or doesn’t show at all. This creates tension between the brothers, which then generates even greater animosity between their family as a whole. Regardless of Dicky’s selfish and unacceptable actions, Ward decides to train with a professional under one condition: all business and professional ties with Dicky must be cut off. Ward loses sight of his tragically misguided loyalty and begins his training elsewhere. Hostile actions occur between the brothers, which lands Dicky in jail detoxing and left alone with only his horrific flashbacks of his once hopeless and unpromising life. Once out of jail, Dicky is presented with temptations. Still appearing weak and in a position of possible relapse, Eklund turns his back on these persuasions and continues his pursuit to live a better life. Although his now has permanent physical damage such as a lost and wondering look in his eyes and a harsh speech impediment, Dicky Eklund faced the reality of his severe drug reliance and is in full-swing in his

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