Jack Kerouac's On The Road

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The story of the Beat Generation novelist and poet, Jack Kerouac, who underwent a 63-day, self-imposed exile to battle drug abuse and demons of his past, while penning his novels.

DESOLATION ANGELS is a dramatic, character driven study of Beat Generation pioneer, Jack Kerouac. It’s a story of self-discovery, much like his “On The Road” trip of discovery.
This script focuses on Jack Kerouac’s life struggle and journey with drug addiction and his decision to detox with a self-impose exile in an isolated cabin.
The plot has merit. The concept of watching Jack struggle through his years of addiction and through his harrowing detoxification is a film one can envision.
In addition, Jack is the type of character that can attract...

Try to keep the flashbacks as linear as possible as not to confuse the audience. For example, the brother’s funeral should come after we meet the brother.
The key to a more effective script seems to be to balance of the cabin scenes balanced with the flashbacks, but they have to remain focused on the goal. Trying to tell every aspect of Jack’s life is just too overwhelming.
The backstory or flashbacks would benefit from being streamlined and being a bit more focused. There are so many changes in scenes, locations, and timelines that it makes the individual scenes become less distinguishable from each other.
If nothing pivotal is revealed in the cabin scenes, there’s no need for the scene.
There’s no doubt that Jack Kerouac drives this story. He makes for a very captivating character and definitely can attract talent for the role. He’s the iconic figure of the Beat Generation. He’s very dark, brooding, and layered. He’s introspective. He’s driven by great inner pain. He’s obsessive about drugs, women, and religion. He’s haunted by his backstory of his brother dying at a young age. He mourns his death. He has interpersonal conflict with his parents, and he has a very addictive type of...
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