Cow Dung Research Paper

Topics: Fossil fuel, Renewable energy, Energy Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: January 4, 2015
The Cowenator
Millan, JirehO'leary M., and Bacal, Terence Cidryl DS.
Mrs. Veronica D. Jomadiao
Meycauayan College, City of Meycauayan, Bulacan


The major problem that our villagers are facing these days is electricity; and we all knew that not all people are born rich with money.

There are many inventions that were made to produce green energy for all of us to use. Solar energy is the most easily available alternate energy resource for the people worldwide. It lights up our days, supports all life on Earth, drives the Earth's climate and weather and is predominately responsible for the class of resources collectively known as renewable energy.

Speaking of renewable energy, is solar energy the only one? Of course no, there are many things around us that we can get electricity. Examples of that are the plants, tides, waves, wind and also manure.

What?! Manure?!But how? Well, it’s simple.Cow dung, cow pats, or cow pies, whatever it is called, has served Indian villages for a long time, in terms of its usefulness. It is used as a fertilizer, as a fuel, for maintaining mud floors, as mosquito repellent, and as an antiseptic. Batteries powered by nothing more than cow dung might sound like the dream of a delirious eco-warrior, but fuel cells that harness bacteria to produce energy are being developed to make this dream become a reality.

Biological batteries use bacteria to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Known as microbial fuel cells, the bacteria feed on cellulose and release hydrogen that is oxidized within the fuel cell, creating electricity. The only byproduct is water.

Using cow dung as a power source is not a new idea. For one, it's plentiful and for millennia it has been dried and used as a fuel to burn. More recently methane has been captured to power lighting and machinery, although this process requires expensive equipment.


Energy plays a crucial role in...

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