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Assignment 1: Courier service

Whether it is a business consignment or personal items that need to be sent quickly, the first thing that comes to our mind is Courier Service. Courier service plays a big role in daily routine in current lifestyle.

Information flow from the Order to Delivery
An order forms the basis for the information flow in a logistics system. It has three principal functions - it creates a flow of information that precedes the goods, accompanies them and follows them. The tasks of order processing are divided into six phases: order transmission, preparation, routing, picking, shipment and invoicing.

Order transmission
Order transmission can be done by mail, fax, telephone, e-mail or electronic data exchange (web-)EDI. To avoid uneven capacity use of a logistics system, the appropriate means of transmission should be selected in each case. Preparation

Preparation adjusts the order to meet internal company requirements and integrates the order into the logistics system’s planning. This includes obtaining missing information, and checking pricing conditions, delivery conditions and customer credit worthiness as well as the availability of the material in the warehouse. Routing

Order preparation is usually followed by order routing, a process that includes order confirmation and the generation of internal job orders - manually, mechanically or electronically. For example, a delivery notification containing all related shipping documents is prepared and tells the storage point to process the shipment. As the integration of electronic data processing expands, the routing process is becoming increasingly automated, reducing paperwork associated with the information flow. Picking

Based on prepared and processed orders, goods are picked in the warehouse. Picking is organized according to factors such as order size, urgency and orders that have to be delivered simultaneously. In this phase, order processing provides...
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