Woodson Chemical Case

Topics: Better, Customer service, Chemical industry Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: March 22, 2010
Excellent customer service is a way to set the organization apart from its competitors. Differentiation can be achieved through fast and correct execution of product ordering. To improve on the order process it is important to have the correct information provided in a timely fashion to all divisions. For integration to be successful information must be available throughout the entire supply chain. The main problem is with Woodson Chemical Company is the lack of management and communication across all divisions within the organization creating bottlenecks throughout the operations. There are several sub problems seen throughout the organization at different levels of management and production. There is poor internal communication between departments and divisions leading to poor data flow back out to the customer causing customer service to constantly suffer blows. Information technology is lacking that all divisions lacking a key system to reference and use to provide detailed information not only to the customer but to all other divisions of Woodson Chemical. Sales across most of the divisions are showing signs of leveling off and becoming stagnant or even in some cases sales are falling off. Lack of integration is seen due to the lack of information technology. Woodson may be able to serve the common customer if they are able to merge resources and provide better information to its customers. According to the case a competitive advantage in the chemical industry can be gained from a focused market position, good raw materials supply, and a lean efficient organizational structure. Possible answers to achieve integration within Woodson Chemical Company and throughout the supply chain. Combine forces with other divisions and with supply chain partners to achieve alliances and greater efficiency in resource utilization. Join with raw material suppliers and transportation suppliers to create alliances to allow for the stream of supplies and delivery of goods...
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