Country Of The Blind By Nunez

Topics: Race, White people, Racism, Black people, African American, Education / Pages: 1 (213 words) / Published: Jan 12th, 2017
- People that could partially see guided the blinded children to learn the whole village

- They adapted themselves to control and use fire

- They made stoned stoves

-They "devised many things" (1)

Nunez comes to realize that after 14 generations of not expressing sight the people in the "country of the blind" have lost the connection of relating and understanding the sense of sight. They can't comprehend him and the elders believe that he is crazy and making everything up. It turns out the people that can see are the rational ones and therefore rule; meanwhile, a person like Nunez who can see is flaw man that does not know what he is saying.

Nunez was giving the option to undergo a surgery to remove his eyes in order to marry Medina-sarote. According to the blind doctor, Nunez had an affected brain caused by his eyes and therefore needs to be cured.
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One of the connections between Nunez's experience and a minority in the US schools is that both are classify as inferior to the rest of the people. In addition, both are forced to do an action to abandoned their true identity for someone

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