Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities

Topics: Ethics, Informed consent, Business ethics Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities

Nyenye Matthews

Grand Canyon University: UNV 505

Instructor Renee Thompson

Counselor Values

As a counselor we’re taught to put our own values and beliefs aside and provide services to our clients even if our values and beliefs do not coincide. When topics such as abortion and assisted suicide are brought up, I express my personal values about them. Abortion is a very sensitive topic for some individuals. My personal values towards abortion are I am for it and I’m speaking from my own personal experience. As a woman, it’s hard to decide to get an abortion but there are a lot of reasons as to why a woman may get the procedure done. For instance, a 19-year-old rape victim came to me for help because she wants to get an abortion and wants my help changing her parents’ attitude towards her wanting the procedure done. The ethical issue that I would have to consider while trying to consider on how I am going to counsel this client is trying to persuade her parents’ to have the same values and beliefs as her in order for her to have her parent’s blessing to get the abortion. This would be an issue because I have to be aware of her parents’ beliefs and trying to change their beliefs on behalf of my client would be wrong.

My personal values towards assisted suicide are different than abortion. It is my belief that an illness should not make you want to take your life. If Eleanor came to me stating that she wants to end her life because of her health condition, I am responsible as a counselor to do my best and make sure she does not cause harm to herself. Even though I am against suicide, it’s my duty to counsel my client in need. The ACA (2005) states that counselors must take measures that enable clients to be given every opportunity possible to engage in informed decision making regarding their end of life care. Moreover, I would consult my supervisor...

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