Counselling Process

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1.0 Introduction of Disruptive Behaviour

2.1 Definition of Disruptive Behaviour
What is Disruptive Behaviour? Webster’s Dictionary defines “Disruptive” as characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination; “effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive” (Websters, 2013). The definition for disruption is the fact or state of being disruptive. Webster defines “Behaviour” as manner of acting or controlling yourself (Websters, 2013). If we add these two definitions together, we find that in essence we have a disruption caused by one’s own moral respects.

2.2 Causes of Disruptive Behaviour
Disruptive behaviour is not a new phenomenon. In many industries, disruptive behaviour has been shown to adversely affect productivity and efficiency and they have taken a heavy handed approach in dealing with disruptive behaviours in the workplace.

The causes of disruptive behavior are varied. Often, a person who resorts to violence has experienced an actual or perceived injustice and, from their perspective, is attempting to “right a wrong.” One of the causes is anger. Anger is a natural, though sometimes unwanted or irrational, emotion that everybody experiences from time to time.

For example, we may feel irritated by other people’s opinions, beliefs and actions. For instance, an employer may feel annoyed when one of his employees decided to express his opinion regarding on his decision such as the wellness of employees, customers services and many more in a meeting. The employer have stated previously in the first meeting that he wants the employees to listen and follow the instruction given by him, not judging or advising him on how to do his job and decision. Hence, anger can affect our ability to communicate effectively, making us more likely to say or do unreasonable or irrational things.

Besides that, frustration is also one of the causes of disruptive behaviour. Frustration is a response to a situation which may result in a verbally abusive or physically destructive behaviour. For example, some employees exhibit frustration when they are dealing with plenty of paperwork in the office as they may appear agitated and “ready to explode”.

2.0 Background
3.3 Storytelling (Narrative)
Dean’s parents divorced when he was 3 years old. This came as no surprise to everyone around them. His father had been an alcoholic for many years, and it was only a matter of time before it took its toll on their marriage. After the divorce, his mom has to put Dean under her grandparents care while she went to work at the big city to earn money for her son and family. Every weekend, his mom would visit him to see how well is he doing at home. Dean felt stable and happy with his mom around.

After his grandfather passed away, he moved into the big city with his mom and Dean started to display different behaviour towards his family. He began to build these bad emotions such as anger, sadness and hatred when he was in Secondary school. On the outside, he put on a happy face towards his friends and there were times he felt really up and excited. His mom couldn`t understand why her son is behaving so badly at home and they always arguing on everything that seems to be out of order such as Dean’s academic results, chores, the level of raising voices between them and so on. His relationship with his mom strained for many years particularly on the fact that she is always bossing around him and acting as a dad which he didn`t like it at all.

Eventually, Dean graduated from a local university and he started to work at a bank firm. He was quite good at his job as his was able to attract many customers to the bank. His boss was very pleased with his performance and six months later, he had been promoted at a senior level. Dean is in a relationship with a girl and he is always happy to see her. However, his girlfriend is always asking about his mother and why he wouldn`t want to introduce to her. He said...
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