Cost of Conflict in Middle East

Topics: Light, Incandescent light bulb, Invention Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Success lecture
Thomas Eddisson ,writing it on the main board with a shape of a light bulb ,and ask if somebody know who he is ? Then ask what he has done?
How he do it?!

Start explaining why choosing eddisson?!

except of eddisson we would be living in the dark right now , but he invented the light bulb ,eddisson didn't have a pleasant journey that led him to this invention , eddisson spent so much time trying n trying n trying ,in other words he kept failing failing failing until one day he succeeded , A famous say for eddission: I haven't failed ,I just found 9.999 way that doesn't work.

That what we call (commitment) ,that's what we call (persistence ),eddisson set his goal to invent a bulb ,and that was the start ,he stayed commited towards achieving his goal ,woke up every morning with the same goal inside his head letting no negative ideas or sitbacks that could stops him,he starts trying over and over ,never surrendered and that's persistence, he didn't give up when something simply didn't work ,instead of makin it a reason he made it a reason to carry on ,he used to think about it as one more step toward the success ,which means( accepting with open mind),which is also a concept to believe that everything around work for us not against us .

Thomas ,didn't stop just because something turned away different of what he thought about ,or what he had in mind,instead he used those kind of issues to his own interest ,he knew that not everything has to be done exactly the way he want to,cause sometimes the wind goes against the captain will ,but he was( flexible ),flexibility is indeed a very important element for going forward on the path to success ,he might end up with a different shape ,or used another technology ,than the one he had in mind,differ from what he draw in his imagination before start working on the project,but he accepted that just because he knew its for his own interest and that those changes will benefit him after all,but the one...
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