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Cosmetic surgery is one of the things that people can't stop thinking about it. That really caught my intention and got me start thinking about the real definition for it, advantages and disadvantages.


The search for perfection is in mind of probably every human being. This search had started Centuries ago not only in the twenty first century but it had developed now due to the influence of the media on people specially women and teenagers. That search of perfection made them thinking of cosmetic surgery as that seemed the easy way to get the shape and the look they wanted, not what GOD had been giving them.

So, what is plastic surgery?
Originally the word plastic surgery came from a Greek word Plastikos, it means the shape or mould. So it has nothing to do with plastic or plastic products.

In my understanding of plastic surgery, it's type of surgery that repairs the damaged places in the body that got injured or lost organs or tissues of the body. It can be for any part of the body, some people get plastic surgeries for medical reasons but others to fulfill there needs of being perfect and beautiful!

According to a medical dictionary “ plastic surgery is the specialty or procedure concerned with the restoration, construction, reconstruction, or even improvement in the form, function, and appearance of the body structure that are missing, defective, damaged, or misshapen1.” Another definition for it “A special type of surgery that can involve both a person's appearance and ability to function better2”.

A plastic surgery is the reconstruction or improvement of forms or functions by resection, transplantation, or implantation. Plastic surgery therefore it includes the reconstruction of defects3.

There are two types of plastic surgery:
Reconstructive surgery:
“Reconstructive surgery is frequently performed on burn and accident victims. It may involve the rebuilding of harshly fractured bones, as well as skin grafting. Reconstructive surgery includes such procedures as the reattachment of an amputated finger or toe, or implanting a prosthesis. Prostheses are artificial structures and materials that are used to replace missing limbs or teeth, or arthritic hip and knee joints4.” Cosmetics surgery (also called aesthetic):

procedures alter a part of the body that the person is not happy with. General cosmetic procedures include making the breasts larger or smaller, reshaping the nose, and take out pockets of fat from specific spots on the body. Several cosmetic procedures aren't even surgical in the way that the majority people think of surgery that is cutting and stitching. For example, the use of special lasers to remove unwanted hair and sanding skin to improve severe scarring are two such treatments.

History of plastic surgery:

As the surgical specialties go, you may think that plastic surgery is one of the best known things at this moment, that's because of the media that covers the celebrity "enhancements" and the never ending chase for the perfect appearance although there is no such thing under the name of perfect appearance. Plastic surgery now has the eyes of the public, as it became for the people something almost interchangeable terms, but in medical field and historical perspective this isn't so! Cosmetics surgery involves an elective procedures preformed for an aesthetic reasons, but plastic surgery refers to the surgical reconstruction misshapenness of a part of the face or the body, providing the normal appearance and function.

As surgical specialties go you may think that plastic surgery is one of the best known at the moment, civility of media coverage of celebrity "enhancements" and the never ending chase of the perfect appearance. Plastic plus cosmetic surgery has, in the eyes of the public, become almost interchangeable terms, but in medical and historical background...

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