Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics, Social responsibility Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: January 28, 2014
What does it mean to be a virtuous company? In fact it is a hard question for all the people who involved in doing business. Perhaps corporate social responsibility (CSR) can answer for that question clearly. By applying CSR into business, organizer can reduce a lot of risks which are linked to the issue of social, environmental, and money. However, not everyone care about that. There are a lot of costs and benefits of CSR if company does not provide a CSR policy in their organization. This paper will analysis the costs and benefits of CSR and why organization seek to promote demonstrate sustainable and ethical business practices by focusing on the case of Monsanto, and Wal-Mart to show how CSR impact on those organizations in order to prove that without CSR the risk that organization pay will even more than just money. What is CSR? Should Wal-Mart be considered a responsibility company for providing consumers with low priced goods or an irresponsible for paying its employees low wages? – Was Monsanto’s introduction of a healthy milk to sustainable consumer trends or a threat to public health due to contain rBHG in their milk - Starbuck as well as many other coffee distributors and retailer sells coffee bearing the Fair Trade label, which guarantees coffee producers and above world market price for their products. – Timberland allows it employees to take one week off with pay each year to work with local charities. These listed above are some of the examples of CSR. Different organizations have framed different definitions of CSR. Some may label CSR as they were planning of their normal business activities such as reducing energy while others may think that it is about ethical concerns. No matter what CSR mean, they all aim on how can companies manage the business to produce a positive impact not only on the company profit but also on society, and environmental. There are many debates surround the concept of CSR and according to the World Business Council for...
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