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corporal punishment

By gaganmatharu18 Oct 19, 2014 591 Words
Corporal punishment means physical torture. It is a very difficult and controversial subject. What is right and what is wrong when discussing how to discipline children is difficult to determine. This has slapped the child and can be beaten, which is a form of punishment. These days, it creates many parents indiscipline to stop their child still in favour of using physical punishment. This teaching method is good and bad in fact, that raises a controversial question. In this article, I look at both sides of this case and will give my own opinion.

There are many reasons to look after. Children for a better future, it involves physical punishment to teach their childhood is very important. Now and then to keep their small child, it is very difficult. The second point of this method of teaching, a time to correct the child's behaviour is its quickness and shows the influence that. For example, it quickly to prevent unnecessary noise to a three-year-old child can be useful to smack. Those painful moments can influence deeper into the mind of a child, and in the end, as it repeated the same mistake in the future deters. Therefore, it is this way of teaching and selected depending on certain circumstanced that have been used, with a better way to learn right from wrong will help.

Corporal punishment in school in India has become a common feature. Physical assault incident has been reported in the newspaper. For example, a popular school in Udaipur, a student of class XII of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi school of a student in his school teacher, died due to cut. This is shocking. In another incident, a Class IX student in Ahmedabad, so hard that he suffered temporary loss of hearing a teacher accused of having hit him. Making a student kneel down for hours, pinching and beating are all set to be banned under plans to spread out the definition of corporal punishment in schools.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has suggested a code of rules on the conduct of teachers in schools. An unusual feature of the code is complete ban on corporal punishment, is another form of corporal punishment and physical violence having no place in an enlightened society.

There are many advantages and disadvantage of corporal punishment … Advantages are:-
With corporal punishment, parents are able to bring their children under control. Can only be controlled through the use of sugarcane. It helps to work as a preventive. Children killed for any misbehaviour that you see lying; they had to kill to avoid trying to talk like this. Corporal punishment in schools for students to take their studies seriously and also helps students to keep in control. Officials from the use of corporal punishment in schools, children are able to instil discipline. It makes a very headstrong and they do not work properly then they had just killed that can be performed on children because they are afraid stubborn officer.

Disadvantages are:-

Sometimes children can make it hard to understand that fear can be very counterproductive. It is a very sad thing and can cause serious injuries to a child. This is the reason it has been banned in schools. Corporal punishment is very painful and lashes whips or canes to use cruel, inhumane. Corporal punishment mark children's physical and mental life of the spots or maybe worse. The world's human rights organizations and advocates of child abuse is a form of corporal punishment on children to be considered.

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