Coraline Book review

Topics: Coraline, Neil Gaiman, Time Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: August 24, 2014
Coraline is a horror story featuring a family that has recently moved to a new house. Coraline, a young girl, detests the move. When she discovers a door in the drawing room, she becomes curious. When she looks the first time, there is just a brick wall, but the next time she checks, there is a passageway to an alternate universe. Coraline starts to believe that she likes this newfound world more, but will it stay that way?

This British novella takes place in a community in Britain in summer 2002. This is a horror book but isn't as frightening as other books. The main characters are Coraline Jones, Mrs.Jones, Mr.Jones, The Cat, The Other Mother, and The Other Father. The story is told in third person and focuses mainly on Coraline's adventures. The plot revolves around a young girl named Coraline traveling through a door in her house to an alternate universe that has other versions of her parents that try to take her from the real world. Coraline believes she likes it there at first and wishes she could live there but soon finds the evil in her other parent's plans. There are two possible themes to this book. The first is be careful what you wish for and the second is it's hard to look past the surface when it looks so perfect.

This book was incredibly interesting and very different from any horror book I've ever read. Although it didn't terrify me like other books might, it was written differently and had a very interesting plot. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new book or a good book to read. I read this book due to the interest in the movie that I saw when I was younger and I enjoyed it twice as much as I loved the movie. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.
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