Coping with Procrastination

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Time management Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The authors talk about one of the biggest shocks students face in college in realizing the considerable discipline required to get everything done that needs to get done each and every day. Part of the adjustment process each semester is learning how to stay focused and making the best use of your time. Procrastination is the needless postponement of completing tasks, especially out of habit. It is a complicated human behavior that everyone has experienced at some point in our lives. For some people it’s a minor irritation, for others it’s a way of life that produces a lot of stress and anxiety. And we usually find excuses for doing nothing or we lack of self-esteem (“I was sick, didn’t have time, etc.”). Procrastination drains our energy, lowers our morale and distracts us from what we really need to do. It makes us feel bad about our lives and ourselves. Some individuals thrive on the pressure of tight deadlines, but procrastination is about more than just time management. It is often about a false sense of security and lowered expectations. It is therefore very important to realize how counterproductive procrastination can be in an environment where you must stay motivated in order to accomplish your goals. Procrastination is actually a very serious problem that affects most of us in one way or another in both our work and private. If someone tries to be “perfect”, he will fear that something will come out wrong or make a mistake in front of the group (which is why they called stage fright) and they suggests that the only way to deal with procrastination is finding a motivation from athletes that they have their own best effort and improving your performance and thinking the best way to do it, relieves the anxiety. We believe that we are somehow lacking what it takes to get things done. Then we blame ourselves for not having that mysterious quality. But the authors make the fascinating point that we’re just not wired right to have an easy time...
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