Copenhungry Festival for Torvehallerne

Topics: Strategic management, Porter five forces analysis, Barriers to entry Pages: 8 (2262 words) Published: November 14, 2013

Copenhungry Festival
for Torvehallerne

14th May 2012

1. RESEARCH QUESTION__________________________________________________ 3 2. INTRODUCTION _______________________________________________________ 4 3. ASSESSMENT OF THE COPENHUNGRY FESTIVAL _________________________ 5 4. EVALUATION OF THE THEORY _________________________________________ 8 5. CONCLUSIONS _______________________________________________________ 10 6. REFERENCES _________________________________________________________ 11


1. Research Question
Torvehallerne is aiming to be “a market place for all, focusing on diversity1” and its objective are connected with the creation of “a fundamental respect for the product, meal and food culture which is beneficial for the retail trade, the capital’s residents and commuters 2”. As this idea would be beneficial for all the Copenhageners, the introduced activities are now mainly concentrating on providing the place for transactions between stall-holders and customers. Nevertheless, the Torvehallerne has a great potential for providing other additional services and events in order to engage more people and create a unique experience. Therefore the introduction of the Copenhungry Festival would be a great opportunity to develop and offer knowledge on a food culture, eating habits and other markets as well as a great way of advertising.

In order to show how the Copenhungry Festival would affect the Torvehallerne, its surroundings and environment the Porter’s Five Forces would be introduced. Therefore, this assessment of the new competitive situation would show that the barriers for entry for other competitors would be set at the higher level as well as the threat of substitution would be decreased by introducing new events.

In the end, after application of the Porter’s Five Forces further discussion concerning the advantages and disadvantages as well as the limitations of the used theory would be described.

1 , access date: 9th May 2012
2 , access date: 9th May 2012


2. Introduction
The Copenhungry Festival is design to celebrate the first anniversary of the Torvehallerne birthday. Therefore, it is scheduled for the period from 31st August to 2nd September 2012 and is going to take place annually.

In order to properly communicate and promote the food culture as well as the connected values by providing a unique experience the following suggestions are proposed: 

Charity Concert & Performances




What also should be indicated is that during preparations of the festival the cooperation with the stall-holders, schools, universities and customers would be appreciated. What is more, the additional projects, which would assist the Copenhungry Festival, were considered. Those are the mobile application for smartphones and tablets helping with the navigation around Torvehallerne and an open-air auditorium, which is planned to be placed outside of building number two on Frederiksborggade.


3. Assessment of the Copenhungry Festival
To begin with, the level of the intensity of rivalry around Torvehallerne environment could be described as low. It is due to the fact that it is a unique place for shopping with a wide range of domestic and international products. What is more, Torvehallerne offers alternative way of buying products as in Denmark supermarkets are the most popularised and frequent places for that. Moreover, “until Torvehallerne, the city didn’t have a central food hall 3”, hence the competition within the area of Copenhagen is none as far as similar markets are concerned. In the end, this thesis could be supported by the...
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