Copd Care Plan

Topics: Asthma, Patient, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Pages: 4 (832 words) Published: April 11, 2013
COPD Blogs (3 main patient concerns)

I reviewed blog posts and comments from three different sources: which has two active health professionals that post educational materials and respond to posts. Dr. Gary, a therapist, works with individuals living with chronic conditions and Pharmacist George, a licensed pharmacist, is certified in smoking cessation, diabetes and cholesterol management, nutrition planning, and personal training. which was founded by Jane M. Martin, a Respiratory Therapist with a degree in Elementary Education and over 30 years experience in respiratory care, who promotes understanding of COPD through posting educational materials that are easy to understand, and actively responding to patient posts and questions. was also founded by Jane M. Martin.

The main patient concern was finding others who understood what they were going through. -Some voiced a sense of loneliness.
-Others did not want to scare loved ones or cause worry, but needed someone to talk to. Any many had fears of dying or the unknown that they did not want to express to their family or show weakness. -Some were looking for support or advice from those with similar experiences. -Others wanted companionship.

-And a few had a family member or spouse that did not or did not want to realize the severity of their condition or accused them of exaggerating their symptoms.

Another common patient concern was what financial resources are available. -How do you qualify for financial help?
-How do you apply for SSI benefits and Disability?
-Where can you find discounted medication resources?

And finally, many patients were looking for their condition or symptoms to be explained. -They wanted to learn more about their diagnosis.
-They were curious as to how soon you may experience symptoms after diagnosis. -A few were experiencing panic attacks and wanted to know if others had the same experience and...
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