Coors Light Promotion Plan

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Promotional Plan

Executive Summary

Naturally brewed with no added preservatives in Golden, Colorado, the heart of the Rockies, Coors Light is the eighth leading beer brand in the world. As Molson Coors’ largest brand, the new parent company after the 2005 merger, Coors Light has established itself as the biggest selling brand in both the US and Canada.

The merger, however, left the company heavily indebted and with limited capital suffered a loss of partnering and sponsorship for major sporting events. Coors Light has worked extremely hard to maintain the positioning as ‘The Worlds Most Refreshing Beer” withstanding the susceptibility the brand faces with only a single brewing site and third party distributors.

This promotion plan includes the following objectives for the upcoming year: * To attract non-users and create brand awareness among 90% of females aged 21-30 seeking a refreshing tasting light beer, * To retain the 18-24 year old male target currently held by Coors Light. * To engage the mobile community through the use of Mobile Insider, connecting the brand to consumers.

The objectives should be met through various promotional activities tied closely to the company’s long-standing brand image, and mobile promotions to increase accuracy in reaching target markets.

Over the next 12 months it is recommended that Coors Light continue to use the Maxim Golf Experience to maintain the current target market. The brand will increase awareness among the female target by promoting the Coors Château getaway at bars across Canada, awarding 100 women a relaxing weekend getaway. This will tie in to the Cooking with Coors social media contest through the companies Facebook Fan page. Cooking with Coors will ask consumers to upload videos of themselves cooking with Coors Light, and vote on their favorites. The recipe with the most votes will allow the winner access to their choice of Coors Light promotions. Top recipes will be made for the winners of the Coors Chateau getaway.

The Coors Light EXTREME Mystery Mansion is an extension of the previous Mystery Mansion with a twist – extreme activities ranging from mountain tubing, polar bear dipping and snowshoeing. Entering the contest requires membership to Mobile Insider, connecting consumers to concerts, bar promotions, and events hosted by Molson Coors through text messaging to mobile device. This will engage the mobile community and achieve a 5% increase among current brand users. Through this mixture of promotions Coors Light will achieve increased brand presence as a “Refreshing tasting light beer, brewed in the heart of the Rockies,” as well as capture awareness and membership of the female target market.

Table of Contents
1) Situation Analysis
a) Canadian Market
i. Annual Retail Sales ii. Market Shares for Key Brands b) Analysis of Brand and Competitors:

Coors Light
Bud Light

2) SWOT Analysis a) Brand Strengths
b) Brand Weaknesses
c) Market Opportunities d) Market Threats

3) Current Target Market, Positioning, Promotion Objectives, and Strategies a) Current Target Market
b) Current Positioning
c) Current Promotional Objectives
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