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Topics: The Glass Menagerie, The Reader Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: May 5, 2013
“The Glass Menagerie” is an excellent drama that focuses on three different issues all within one story. The crafty way the writer relates the issues of each individual within the issues of another individual shows the writer put forth a lot of effort when using his imagination. The answers were easy to spot when one wants to figure out how the characters ended up the way that they are by identifying the underlying hurt within each character. The best way to explain the how easy it was to grasp the approach the writer took is by understanding this particular strategy. While not all strategies involve real life experiences, by using real life situations it can cause the reader to reflect on areas in their own life to understand in detail what the drama is trying to convey.

By using real life situations, it can cause the reader to reflect on areas in their own life to understand in detail what the drama is trying to convey. It is not evident if the writer went through emotions of misplacement regarding the decisions concerning his own life and what he wanted to do to make him happy, but Tom’s character had a lot of background information. Tom’s character has an overbearing mother who attempts to dictate his every move. Tom cannot make the decisions regarding his life because his father left the family in a financial bind. He had to become the man of the house. “He knew of my secret practice of retiring to a cabinet of the washroom to work on poems when business was slack in the warehouse,” (Williams, 1944, p. 1268). One can pause here and remember a time when he or she would rather do something else instead of what he or she had to commit to out of responsibility.

Using an outside source is the typical way to add the final additions to get the reader to understand fully the point of the story. Sometimes the writer uses objects to drive the point he or she wants to make and there are times when someone not involved with the character throughout the...
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