Convergys Code of Business Conduct

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Company Philosophy

Vision: Convergys is the leader in relationship management. They provide innovative solutions that drive more value from their clients’ everyday relationships with their customers and employees. Convergys is acknowledged as a world leader that enables organizations everywhere to enhance the value of their relationships through excellent and efficient outsourcing programs. Convergys provides their clients with new perspectives and solutions to their existing and future relationships. Convergys takes a holistic, end-to-end approach to relationship management, mining their clients’ existing relationships for breakthrough performance improvements, focused business insight, and extraordinary added value.

Purpose: Convergys promotes a shared responsibility amongst all employees to continue the tradition of excellence, integrity, innovation, and corporate citizenship in the industry of relationship management. Managing these relationships, fostering their improvement, and adding value to them is how Convergys enables organizations worldwide to improve their business performance. To guide the operations of Convergys’ business, they have adopted the Code of Business Conduct to address conflicts of interest, confidentiality, fair dealing, protection and proper usage of company assets, and compliance with laws, rules, and regulations. The clearly stated Code of Business Conduct is designed to build trust and loyalty among clients and employees.

Values: Convergys commits to these values to guide them in their decisions and their behavior: -Unparalleled Client Satisfaction
-Respect of the Individual
-Developing People
-Shareowners’ Trust
-Corporate Citizenship

Code of Business Conduct Development The original date of the Convergys Code of Business Conduct is not mentioned. However, Convergys became a public company in 1998. The Code of Business Conduct has since been amended and was restated December 9, 2008.

Development of Company Philosophy

Convergys has a Governance and Nominating Board Committee consisting of three Independent Directors, who amended the Code of Business Conduct currently made public. The Non-Executive Chairman of the Governance and Nominating Board Committee is David Dillon. The two other Independent Directors are Phillip Odeen and David Whitwam.

Explanation of Core Values

Each Value’s Significance

Teamwork - Convergys values team accomplishments and seeks opportunities to join with their colleagues to advance the success of the clients.

Developing People - Convergys values the ongoing development and improvement of their greatest resource - their people.

Diversity - Convergys values the unique combination of qualities and contributions that each individual brings to the workplace.

Shareowners’ Trust - Convergys values the trust of their shareowners and works diligently to enhance their shareowners’ investment.

Corporate Citizenship - Convergys values the communities in which their employees and the employees’ families live, and Convergys commits to being a good corporate citizen.

Integrity - Convergys values, above all, their integrity in everything they do.

Values in Relevance to Business Operations

Unparalleled Client Satisfaction - Convergys is a leader in relationship management. That in itself proves a commitment to client satisfaction. They compete aggressively and earn their clients’ business by providing outstanding service and products that are represented honestly. Convergys serves over half of Fortune’s Top 50 Companies in their customer-management, information-management, and/or HR outsourcing. They have gained that opportunity through years of technological innovation, respect of clients, and unprecedented strive for client satisfaction.

Teamwork - Convergys blatantly tells employees that the responsibility to continue a tradition of excellence,...
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