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Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce & Science

(FOR O.C.M, S.P., ECO, B.K.)
Format of the Project
Project Presentation

1) Introduction
Introduction to be written with the reference to the subject (Topic) of the project. 2) Aims and Objectives
Aims and objectives should be started as
 To know…………
 To understand………..
 To get detailed information………
3) Needs and Importance
Needs and importance should start as

To acquire knowledge…………

To compare………

To study……..

To find out………
4) Data and Information and its analysis
Presentation of data and information includes
 Charts
 Pictures
 Diagrams
 Graphs etc.
5) Conclusion
6) Opinions and suggestions should be based on overall study.

Important Note:

Project should have minimum 10 pages and it should be handwritten. Each student is free to select any one topic for the project from the given list of topics. It should be an individual activity.
The project should be compiled and presented in a separate project book. All the students are informed to submit their project on Saturday, 29th November, 2013 in their respective divisions.

6) No projects will be accepted after the above mentioned date. 7) It should be certified by their subject teacher.
8) Project topics are also available on the college website 9) For any further information, student may contact their subject incharge. 10) Sample project are available on the 3rd Floor Library from 16th September, 2013.

Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce & Science

Subject: Economics

Topics for the projects
The students are required to select any one topic from the
following for the project work.
1. Collect, comprise and analyse the recent data obtained from newspaper related to credit control measures announced by the reserve bank of India.
2. Visit the branch of any commercial bank and write a report on various functions performed by bank.
3. Find out the changes in size and pattern of contribution of primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector to National Income of India. 4. Make a report on Development of E- Banking in recent years. 5. Study of merits and demerits of various types of money based on experience of people.

6. Visit vegetable market in your nearby area and collect the data regarding the changes in demand and supply of selected vegetables and study price fluctuation in them over a period of month.
7. Study the responsiveness of demand for commodities like food-grains, washing machines, pins, medicines salt with respect to income level of five families.
8. Prepare a family budget of low income groups and high income group for a month and make a comparative study of it.
9. Prepare a list of Macro-economic problems of Indian economy and comment on them in brief.
10. Meet the following business- man, and note problems, risk which may arise in business.
a) Taxi or auto rickshaw driver
b) Farmer
c) Owner of retail grocery shop.
d) Dairy farming.

Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce & Science

Subject: Book-keeping and Accountancy

Topics for the projects
The students are required to select any one topic from the
following for the project work.
1. Partnership Final Accounts.
2. Ratio analysis.
3. A report on procedure of registration of partnership firm under Partnership Act, 1932.
4. Analytical study on various adjustments in final accounts of partnership firm.
5. Comparative study of ‘Profit’ organisations and ‘Not for Profit’ organisations and analysis of adjustments in final accounts of ‘Not for profit’ concern / organisation.
6. Preparation of report on various treatments of bill of exchange (trade bill).
7. A report on the procedure of purchasing and selling of shares through DEMAT account.
8. Study of the methods of valuation of goodwill and accounting treatment in...
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