Content Analysis of Homepage of Social Networking Sites

Topics: Social network service, Web 2.0, Left-wing politics Pages: 3 (507 words) Published: July 16, 2008
Content Analysis of Home Pages of Social Networking Websites.

Social Network Websites
1.Finding people (discovering, rediscovering, or locating them) 2. Building directories, network maps and social networks 3. Inviting people to join your networks 4. Managing access to your networks ("permissioning") 5. Connecting with people in your networks (using various media) 6. Managing relationships across media (e.g. making the jarring transition from e-mail or weblog-based relationships to voice-to-voice or face-to-face) 7. Collaborating with people in your networks, and 8. Content sharing with people in your networks Methodology

Feature Analysis
Content Structure - Text
Major text content comes from updates friends, groups and visitors Only MingleBox shows ‘MingleBox Times’ which has user generated editorials. news from all colleges and campuses. Orkut mostly linked Names and feature discriptors and no user generated content. Facebook’s API content. Facebook has newsfeed related to friends and their friends.

Orkut:15 + variable
BigAdda: 7 + variable
Facebook:1 profile photo + a big variable component due to API. Pic of sender. Minglebox:3 photos (emphasis on graphics)
LinkedIn: No photos

Use of blue colour is seen across all these sites and the colour combination is generally blue black (text) with one site having brown colour The name of the user that has logged in is also at the extreme left of the page The logout tab is generally at the extreme top right hand corner Help tab found generally at the right hand bottom of the page Home tab is placed at the extremes of the tabs as it is the most used tab and it can be plotted easily


Except for Bigadda, and Facebook, no outgoing link.
LinkedIn –
Minority of links to other person, but most prominent
Network links equal prominence
Least directed towards self
Bigadda –
Many navigating away or to external ads.
Orkut –
Exploratory and person based...
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