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Sharm El-Sheikh of Egypt, is the biggest and most important city of Sinai, lies at the southern side of the Peninsula where the two gulfs of Aqaba and Suez meet with the Red Sea. With its unique location in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, it is considered the strategic passageway, the meeting point between Asia and Africa, and the base of great civilizations. With its diverse features of environment that combine together history, tourism, industry and agriculture, it has become a main attraction for tourists, travellers and businessmen.

The tourism industry plays a vital role in boosting Egypt's economy. It will continue in the future, to be a key contributor to GNP, foreign exchange, employment generation, regional development, and population redistribution. Over the longer term, it may have additional ancillary impacts, such as promoting environmental improvement, infrastructure development, modernization, and workforce expansion. The city has turned to a hub of activities to meet the promising investment prospects. New beaches were expanded and tourist villages were established to accommodate the flow of tourists who flock to enjoy the unique environmental facilities.    

The increase in tourist influx and tourist nights was tremendous. The number of tourist arrivals increased from eight thousands in 1982 to 1.2 million in 2000. Guest nights also increased in that period of time from 16 thousands to 5.1 million. The total number of resorts was increased from 3 in l982 to 91 in year 2000, therefore a highly reputable management companies have been attracted to invest in this city such as Hayat Regency, Accor, Marriot, Le Merredian, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and others, with categories between five stars to three stars. Visitors of Sharm El-Sheikh experience a variety of water and land activities. Beach seekers find enormous...

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