Contemporary Issues In Management - Bharat Stage Emission Standards

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Contemporary Issues In Management

Bharat Stage Emission Standards

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Now a day, in this world, there is big problem of increasing the Vehicles. It is not a problem for single country, it is a major problem for the whole world. At this time, in the world, the number of Vehi-cles are increasing day by day. And, Due to this increasing, there is increase-ing in uses of Fuel likes Gasoline, Diesel, Gas etc., also.

Due to this increasing of uses, the air pollution, which is creates from the uses of this Fuel, also increase. It is important to stop this air pollution for all country, because it is Harmful for Human health & Environment.

So, to stop this air pollution, there are many rules and regulations were creates by many countries. By the use of this rules and regulation, the air pollution can be controlled. By the government of different countries, there were developed many standards. For example : EURO, which is based on European rules & regulations. By the use of this standards, the pollution can take under control.

In India, in that reference of Euro, there were designed standards, named “Bharat Stage Emission Standards”. We have understand the existing theory of Bharat Stage Emission Standards, its issue in management, its overview, etc. from the ahed discussion.


Bharat Stage Emission Standards are emission standards instituted by Government of India to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipments, including motor vehicles. The standards and the timeline for implementation are set by the Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment & Forests.

The standards, based on European rules regulations were first introduced in 2000. Progressively stringent norms have been rolled out since then . All new vehicles manufactured after the implementation of the norms have to be compliant with the regulations. Since October 2010, Bharat stage III norms have been enforced across the country. In 13 major cities, Bharat stage IV emission norms are in place since April 2010.

The phasing out of 2 stroke engine for two wheelers, the stoppage of production of Maruti 800 & introduction of Ele-ctronic controls have been due to the regulations related to vehicular emis-sions. While the norms help in bringing down pollution levels, it invariably results in increased vehicle cost due to the improved technology & higher fuel prices. The first emission norms were introduced in India in 1991 for petrol and 1992 for diesel vehicles. These were followed by making the Catalytic converter mandatory for petrol vehicles and the introduction of unleaded petrol in the market. On April 29th 1999 the Supreme Court of India ruled that all vehicles in India have to meet Euro I or India 2000 norms by June 1st 1999 and Euro II will be mandatory in the NCR by April 2000. Car makers were not prepared for this transition and in a subsequent judgment the implementation date for Euro II was not enforced. In 2002, the Indian government accepted the report submitted by the Mashelkar committee. The committee proposed a road map for the rollout of Euro based emission norms for India. It also recommended aphased implementation of future norms with the regulations being implemented in major cities first and extended to the rest of the country after a few years.

Based on the recommendations of the
committee, the National Auto Fuel...

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