Contemplatives in Action

Topics: Ethics, Information technology, Business ethics Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Contemplatives in Action and IT
Melissa Ezzell-Maddy
Regis University
CIS480_XP40_Mng Tech for Bus Strategies
Charles Thies

Technology is both good and bad, depending on how we apply it. According to our Jesuit values we are to make good use of the talents given to us by God. Technology is a gift given to us by God, and as such, has value. We, as members of organizations, must also remember that people are more valuable than other created things. These values are the foundation for our moral obligations. This paper explores “Contemplatives in Action;” researches how businesses must judge their application of IT with respect to its value in realizing good and fulfilling moral obligations; and how organizations can use this Jesuit value to develop an solid ethics plan for using technology and information systems.

Technology is a tool with which we can manage and preserve our natural world, provide products, foster growth, support those in need, and to educate and protect ourselves. Scientific advances allow businesses to use technology to reach goals more easily and more completely than ever before. Information technology is powerful, and without proper control this power can create a lot of damage. It can be abused by those who do not contemplate their actions or perform self-audits in their organizations. The current environment we live in makes it difficult for us to lead a life of thoughtful contemplation without frequently interacting with earthy or material things. Organizations do not have the ability to recover lost values by simply abandoning the technology because society has become reliant upon it. Our approach in regard to technology requires watchful contemplation to ensure we serve God and His Law and our fellow Man. Contemplatives in Action, or truly mediating on an organization’s use of technology, means using a critical approach to the development and use of information technology systems (Shewman, 2012). It is errant...

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