Contemperary Art Case

Topics: Management, Board of directors, Chairman Pages: 10 (3803 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Midwestern::Contemporary Art Case

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1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. 2. Discussion part A. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. 3. Is Peter Smith micromanaging Keith Schmidt?------------------------------------------------------6. 4. The relationship between Peter Smith and Keith Schmidt-----------------------------------------6. 5. Disadvantages of micro-management ----------------------------------------------------------------7. 6. What type of conflict are they experiencing? Describe in detail and explain.-------------------8. 7. Conflict between the chair of the board and the director-------------------------------------------8. 8. What can an organization do structurally to reduce conflict resulting from role ambiguity? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. 9. How should Peter Smith react when his advice is not followed by the board? Be specific. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11. 10. Reducing misunderstandings in an organization---------------------------------------------------11. 11. How are the roles of board chairman and an executive director different in an organization such as MCA?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. 12. The importance of a good relationship between the board chairman and the executive director-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. 13. Differences between the role of the board chairman and the director---------------------------13. 14. Discussion part B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14. 15. What alternative approaches could Peggy Fischer use to collect the unfilled pledge?--------14. 16. Should Fischer involve the board in further discussions leading to a decision about whether or not to file a lawsuit? Or should she formulate a recommendation on her own for the board’s next meeting? Please support your answer and explain. ----------------------------------------------14. 17. The dangers of independent recommendations in the board-------------------------------------14. 18. Do you think the museum should sue the Smiths? Why or why not? Please justify your decision and response. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15. 19. The Reference List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17.

Midwestern::Contemporary Art Case
The Midwestern Contemporary Museum is located at Chicago. It is known to be one of the largest facilities that have paid most attention on the modern art. This is one of the major achievements of the facility bearing in the mind that most of the modern facilities have paid more attention on the ancient work of art forgetting the contemporary works of art. The store deals with the current jewelry, exhibition catalogues, gifts, toys and mobiles. The museum is also involved with promotion of the local artists. This is through selling their products and services like hand-painted jewelry, scarves, literature and music which is closely related to the current world. According to the information obtained from (2010) website, the Midwestern Contemporary Museum opened its first doors to the Great lakes in 1967. The organization managed to get a three storied house ten years later. Later in 1989, Keith Schmidt was hired as an executive director of the company. Later in the same year, MCA management elected Peter Smith as the chairman of the Museum. This was after Schmidt...
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