Consumerism Can Be a Very Addictive Lifestyle. We Have Done a Survey Between 54 Students in My School, 51 Said That We Are a Throw Away Society and 3 Said That We Are Not. I Think That We Are a Throw Away Society

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Consumerism can be a very addictive lifestyle. We have done a survey between 54 students in my school, 51 said that we are a throw away society and 3 said that we are not. I think that we are a throw away society because people throw out stuff that is still useful and buy the stuff that is newer and bigger. People love to spend there money on stuff that they don’t even need, most will not stop until they realize that they no longer have money. Many people buy technology like a T.V and show off that they have the bigger one. Or like a cell phone, they show off who has the newer one. We don't need those kind of things, they are just stuff that company’s like to sell to make money. It’s not just technology we waste food, water, shelter etc. People go to restaurants and order a big meal and only eat about half to three quarters and just ask the lady to just take it back and then it goes right into the garbage. But most importantly, we waste our money buying unneeded products. Americans are bad for consumerism. They tend to mix there wants and needs up. We cannot live without food, water and shelter but many people think not. They think that way more than food, water and shelter is needed. A car is needed for transportation unless you keep on paying a cab to take you. Once you take it as far as The problem starts when people have a larger disposable income.
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