Consumer Consumption

Topics: Consumption, Consumerism, Need Pages: 3 (1310 words) Published: March 14, 2007
Are You What You Buy?

As a society we are embedded in a culture of consumption. Consumerism brings out a passion in people to have things, be it objects or services that will make them feel better. This "passion" becomes a powerful force that makes people make some unwise decisions in their life. The money consumers spend on these goods could be going to the ever-surmounting needs for health care, poverty help, or other things that would help the society as a whole. This is why America is the prime example of a capitalistic consumer society and not a socialistic country. People want things for themselves before anyone else. All cultures need consumerism to survive, because we need food, shelter, and clothing and the last time I checked those things are not given to you at birth. With production comes consumption, but at what point are you what you buy? When we purchase something it is, generally speaking, an individual act; but it is connected to any number of things relating to our socio-cultural identity. One generalization that I think most people live by is that there are a small percentage of people, usually with high socio-economic status who are the trendsetters of the world with the majority trying to be like them at any cost. With this has come the rise of consumption of the finer things in life because of the people we see on TV or read about in magazines. As we buy these products it can be the whole experience that makes us want the product so bad. Usually to buy nice things that celebrities or athletes wear you have to go to a nice store, which is aesthetically pleasing and filled with other trend setting and attractive people. Then as you bring up your product(s) to the counter you interact with people, in so exemplifying your high social status and your own trend setting capabilities. This follows suit as you come home with your high priced product in its highly labeled shopping bag and finally wear it out in front of your peers. What could...
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