Consumer Behaviour Brand Loyalty

Topics: Psychology, Advertising agency, Thought Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: September 16, 2008
Brand loyalty is developed when the product fits the personality or the self image of the consumer, or when the brand offers the satisfaction or benefits the consumer is seeking and as stated before there are 2 kinds of approaches to brand loyalty. Cognitive brand loyalty can be defined as when a consumer is committed and involved when purchasing a product. Study by J. Walter Thompson, a large advertising agency, “brand loyalty can be found highest when consumers are personally involved with the brand and find the purchase risky” (Assael at el, 2007). When the consumers are personally involved in a product the brand becomes a source of self-identification (Assael at el, 2007). Product involvement involves an ongoing commitment on the part of the consumer regard to thoughts, feelings and behavioural response to a product category. Consumer with high product involvement would find the product/s interesting and this would stimuli the consumer’s thoughts, even if it doesn’t stimulate immediate purchase but might first stimulate the thought of the important values and goals that could be achieved from this product. Brand loyalty can be commonly found in high involvement products as consumers are required to take more time and commitment. An example of this can be found when a person purchases clothing, a person may purchase a certain brand because purchasing that brand makes the individual feel like they belong to a certain culture. Can anyone think of a personal example of product involvement? To summarise everything in this presentation. Behaviourist approach is when the marketer believes that consistent purchasing of the brand results in brand loyalty. If a person buys a product regularly and doesn’t consider the alternative that is the behaviourist approach to brand loyalty. Cognitive brand loyalty includes attitudes as well as behaviours towards a product to analyse the “truly loyal” consumer. Brand loyal consumers have certain characteristic, self...
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