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Define mental and physical availability and discuss them in relation to the toothpaste brands mentioned in this case study Mental availability as stated by Sharp, 2013 refers to the ability of buyers to notice and/or bring the brand to mind in buying situations. The tendency of the consumer to link the specific brand by memory through various cues such as color, style or the size of the packaging or product among others, allows marketers to increase the amount of people who think of their brand and the number of times said brand appeals as an option to purchase. By doing so this increases the chances of a brand being thought of by a consumer, this instead of not being thought of at all is much more beneficial for both brand and marketer alike. ‘Physical availability means making a brand as easy to notice and buy as possible, for as many consumers as possible, across as wide a range of potential buying situations as possible.’ (Sharp, 2013) The presence that a brand demands in-store is what it’s all about, all marketers want this. * Hours of availability

* Ease of the facility of purchase
* Number of distribution points
* Geographical coverage of distribution points
* Geographical coverage of delivery points
* Number of display points in store
* Number of shelves devoted to the brand
A brand that is easy to buy and notice is a brand that is most likely going to be successful. Buyers as a whole generally don’t bare strong preferences for brands that they are usually loyal to; resulting in alternative products being chosen instead. Therefore a brand and its marketers must acknowledge that it is essential for a product to be easily distinguishable and easy to purchase (accessibility). Discussion

Doug, the protagonist of the case study finds himself in need of toothpaste. Instantly he ‘scans the shelves for the familiar Shine-Brite package’ which is an easy pick-up of a mental availability example. The package redesign by Philip with new colors or possible style being a ‘familiar’ sight shows that Doug has associated the specific color or style of the packaging with the brand consciously, as cues sometimes occur without the buyer even being aware. The physical availability of the Shine-Brite product is the concern. Doug not being able find it shows its lack of physical availability due to whether the product didn’t have a strong presence, though the fact the Doug makes connections with the color or style and is familiar with the brand puts the presence of the product not up for debate. The accessibility of the product however is. The hours of availability, distribution and delivery points and their geographical coverage, display points and possibly shelves dedicated to Shine-Brite could have all effected Doug’s ability to locate the brand. [change slide]

Which is more important for a brands health- mental availability or physical availability? Both availabilities are essential to a brands health. Mental availability being the consumer’s ability to associate a brand with specific cues both consciously and subconsciously such as color or style and physical availability being the presence a product imposes itself upon its surroundings (Store, advertising). Square Holes (consumer trends discussions and authors consistently post articles) describes the importance of brand salience (a striking feature) (brand salience=asset) as both a mental and physical availability facet but if one reads on they go into depth of how they believe salience distinguishes itself more as a measurement of how big the brand is inside the minds of the customers, hinting the mental availability is of more concern to marketers in their approach to sell their product. More specifically they go on to describe how it is important to identify the associations customers have with the brand and reinforce them, making the consumer more likely to purchase it. And essentially in unison attracting non-customers using similar...
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