Consumer Behavior : Avatar the Movie

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Executive summary

This report analyses the reasons behind the success of the movie Avatar. Focusing on elements of consumer behavior, which led to a mass following of the movie worldwide. An analysis will be undertaken and recommendations will be given for the industry and future releases.

Table of Contents

1.IntroductionPage 4

2. Consumer Identity Page 5
2.1 Consumer decision process Page 5
2.2 Self Esteem Page 6
2.3 Virtual Identity Page 7
2.4 Sexual Identity Page 8

3. Culture Page 9
3.1 Avatar’s Culture Page 9
3.2 Past and contemporary culture Page 9
3.3 New Cultures, New Consumption Page 10

4. Motivations and Value Page 11
3.3 Needs Wants and Motives Page 11
3.3 Desire and involvement Page 12

5. Conclusion and recommendations Page 13

6. References Page 15

7. Appendixes Page 19

1. Introduction

Avatar is a Movie directed by James Cameron that has simply broken the worldwide box office records (Rosenberg, 2010). It also broke the records in terms of costs. Hollywood was under a lot of pressure prior to the launch because of the low DVD sales figures. Avatar was a real bet in an unfriendly environment and it succeeded. The movie Avatar came with the ambition to standardize 3D cinema to start the 3D era which came at a cost for customers: a 2 to 5 dollar premium on the tickets (Stanley, 2010). The movie tells the story of a disabled marine who goes with his squadron to Pandora in order to colonize a planet rich in natural resources Pandora's local civilians are of course against the oppression and will not surrender. The marine then virtually enters one of the autochthones body with the help of the “Avatar” technology. He becomes attached to the local tribe and falls in love with one of its members and begins an epic battle against the earthmen. So what are the actual reasons for this success? Well the obvious financial one is the premium price tag, which impacted significantly the overall revenue. The second reason will be Cameron’s vision and passion. He planned this movie 10 years before release and put his own financial investment in the movie. And the third reason is the incredible amount of marketing and communication used before and throughout (Stanley, 2010) the release of the movie. This report aims to identify why consumers responded positively to all these stimuli and made the decision to view this movie in the cinemas. First a deep insight in consumer’s Identities will be undertaken. The cultural aspects of the movie will then be discussed. The motivation and values of the consumers will be described. And Finally recommendations and conclusions will be drawn. 2. Consumer Identity

Avatar would appeal to a wide range of identities. Even though this movie is of a, science fiction, fantastic nature the consumer can see some aspect of it complementing a side of ones personality. It may reinforce a positive aspect of ones personality. First lets look at the process behind a consumers’ decision making.

2.1 Consumer Decision Process

Customers go through a five-stage decision-making process in any purchase.( See appendix 1 : Avatar consumer decision making process ) ( adapted from (comegys, Charles , 2006 ) The first stage of the decision process is the need recognition. In the case of avatar the need can vary from individuals and come from an external or an internal stimuli (Comegys, Charles, 2006 ). In the case of avatar it could be the need for entertainment , or the need for escaping the real world.

The next step is the information search where the consumer will seek information on how to satisfy this need from different sources such as friends, advertising, radio, and television stimuli (Comegys, Charles, 2006 ). In this case the search for information stage was very crucial to the makers of Avatar. They made sure that Avatar was viewed as THE most entertaining experience of this New Year. The impressive marketing campaign covered a huge range of sources from...

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