Construction Management

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July 22, 2009

Construction Management
The function of a construction manager is to advise and consult a client or owner concerning the programming and design of a project. This would include cost estimation, coordination of the work schedule , equipment and material deliveries. A concern in the managers advisement and consultation is trade jurisdiction of the various contractors and the activity coordination of the engineers and architect. One of the most important functions of a construction manager is to offer critical analysis as it relates to the design, economics, and constructibility being proposed by the architect while always keeping in mind the initial budget and the ultimate goal of providing the best possible facility.

In the analysis of demographics and its impact on commercial spending, consideration should be given to the cause of Dayton residents who flee to neighboring communities,increasing crime rates. The lack of employment opportunities, and the infiltration of less desirable residents who fail to take proper care of their property, are some reasons for this flight,which robs Dayton City limits of responsible consumers whose spending would otherwise enhance retail development and progress. It is true, that those disadvantaged families who have been victimized by alcohol and substance abuse, economic down turns and criminal activity, need decent residents like anyone else. However; given the current economically depressing conditions, law enforcement, city inspectors and other institutional overseers are obliged to be more diligent in minimizing problems that arise under these circumstances.

Urban Retail Strategy
Proper use of land based resources dictates that urbanism advocates mixed-use development which combines residential, commercial, cultural, and...
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